Homeless in Seattle

I am in Seattle for a meeting.  The farther I walked around downtown Seattle last night, the more people I saw living on the street.  Block after block, I saw people without homes trying to live and sleep on the rain-soaked concrete.  Seattle is one of the richest cities in the world; the United States of America is one of the richest civilizations in history.  I don’t have a solution for homelessness but I think we should be able to do better by these human beings.  Society needs to address the reasons that people end up on the street and the factors that keep them from moving off the street.  If we can land on Mars, if we can create networks that sell goods at dizzying speeds, then we can do more for these people.  We should do better.

More Aircraft Connectors


I noticed this round connector as part of my AV display on a recent flight.  It seems to be a DIN connector but I’m not sure that the arrangement of leads is common.  It doesn’t seem to be a PS/2 connector.  I have no idea why the aircraft designers thought this connector was a good use of weight on their airplane.  Did anyone ever use this thing?